Atlach-Nacha [Spider King]

Max Speed:510km/h
880km/h(Dash on striaght line)

Double Beam Gun X 4
Beam Gatling Gun X 2
Rail Gun X 2
Close Battle Use "Front Leg" X 2
Zoids Nuclear Cannon X 9
Charged Particle Cannon X 1

E-Shield generator X 2
Brain wave enchancer X 6
Metal Particles Proliferous Defence System X 6
Hexad AZ Special Capture System "罠" X 1
"Biter" Culture Tank (inside abdomen)X 1

"Black Box" (黑箱)

A secret heavy industry factory " Black Box" initially exposes Zoids.
The outlook of the Zoids is according to a God in Cthulhu Mythos "Atlach-Nacha" character.

it just only be known that is a "close-distance battle" custom Zoids,
and its "terrible sons",the small size spiders "Biter" are the powerful weapons;
the black ones can destory the enemies' electric circuit
& the white ones can be self-explode when they close to enemies.

ZEBIC-0099 "Venom"
"ZEBIC" is a name of a secret clone experiment in Zenebus Kingdom.


the staff taking out the gene into the humans of "Four great ancient civilizations" in the Earth,
with the gene of human in the planet Zi , to produce "the strongest clones" in the universe.

"Venom" is the 99th clone but failed because its eyes, arms & legs cannot be grow out.
but its head is extremly large, it can control small animals with brain wave such as insects & spider...etc.
it can control human's think, illusion, very small movement on small things & let people know its mind when the brain wave much more stronger.
(so it don't like speak with mouth although it knows speaking!)

Venom was found in ruins by the staff of "Black Box", it became the member of "Black Box" after processed first aid.
it will die rapidly when leave "life maintain installation".

The reason of entering "Zoids Contest Arena 2009" is for revenge to Zenebus Kingdom, it hates the outlook itself very much...
it really wanna commit suicide after revenge... it's a tragedy about its life.

Special thanks for Mr.AISEN's CG Picture!

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